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With the continuing shortage of IT professionals and the uncertainty facing the entire economy, employers are growing in interest in external experts and entire specialized teams. This not only solves the lack of professional skills to continue R&D projects without delay and loss of competitiveness, but also gains much-needed flexibility today. In addition, as the use of work from home grows, the distinction between internal employees and external staff is blurred, as all need to be managed remotely.

"There is a lack of IT experts and specialists with an overlap from IT to electrical engineering in the Czech Republic for several years. For a long time, employers preferred internal employees to contractors, ie externs working on a contract. This year, however, the attitude of companies has changed. Due to the uncertainty that exists across the market and the economy, they are more open to externals, who allow them a greater degree of flexibility in the field of human resources, "says Illya Pavlov, CEO of Acamar, a consulting and team building R&D team. In addition, employers are aware that the current health situation makes it very difficult to train often inexperienced newcomers. Hiring an entire functional team for a specific product or for a limited period of time thus began to make more sense than ever before. Thanks to the majority of work from home, which has ruled in the Czech Republic since the spring and has become the standard in many areas, the difference between internal employees and external staff is blurred, all need to be controlled remotely.

The situation is similar overseas. According to a survey by the American company Upwork, three quarters of recruitment managers plan to increase or maintain the existing share of independent experts. Three out of five recruitment managers prefer to work with independent professionals so that they can work faster and anticipate that their workforce will be "more distant" in the future than before the pandemic. Half of the recruitment managers also said that working directly with independent professionals gave them access to locally unavailable skills.

According to statistics, the average length of involvement of external talents overseas is over 4 months. "At Acamar, we distinguish between short-term projects, with a typical duration of 2-4 months, and long-term projects, which normally last 12-18 months, but sometimes even three years," says Illya Pavlov. According to him, short-term projects include websites, e-shops, online catalogs and mobile applications. They are long-term for large customers, so they are more complex, have multi-layered management and ongoing financing

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The design and communication of high-level structures to enable and guide the design and development of integrated solutions that meet current and future business needs. In addition to the technological components, the architecture of the solution includes changes to the service, process, organization and operation models. Providing comprehensive guidance for the development of solution components, as well as related changes, to ensure that they take into account relevant architectures, strategies, policies, standards and procedures (including security) and that existing and planned solution components remain compatible .

Solution Architecture: Level 6
Guides the development of architectures for complex solutions, ensuring consistency with specified requirements agreed with internal and external customers. It assumes full responsibility for the balance between system management, service quality and functional requirements within a significant area of ​​the organization. Establishes the policy and strategy for the selection of components of the solution architecture and coordinates the design activities, promoting the discipline to ensure consistency. It ensures that the appropriate standards (corporate, sectoral, national and international) are met. As part of a corporate change program, it manages the target design, policies and standards, working in a preventive manner to maintain a stable and sustainable architecture and to ensure design consistency between projects within the program.

Technical Solution Architecture : Level 5

Lead the development of solution architectures in specific business, infrastructure or functional areas. It ensures that the appropriate tools and methods are available, understood and used in the development of the architecture. As part of a change program, he guides the preparation of technical plans and, in liaison with the company insurance and project staff, ensures that the appropriate technical resources are made available. Provides advice on technical aspects of the development and integration of solutions (including requests for change, deviations from specifications, etc.) and ensures that relevant standards, strategies, policies and procedures (including safety) are correctly applied.

Solution Architecture: Level 4
Contributes to the development of solution architectures in specific business, infrastructural or functional areas. Identify and evaluate alternative architectures and trade-offs in terms of cost, performance and scalability. Produce cloud-based or on-premise component, layer and interface specifications for translation into detailed designs using select products and services. It supports a change program or project through the preparation of technical plans and the application of design principles that meet the architectural standards of the company and the solution (including security).
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IT certifications: know what types exist
IT Certifications exist to formally prove the technical knowledge of a professional in a specific technology, program or solution. Several companies offer certification of their products and services to professionals who want to work in the field. In this text, we will talk about what types of IT certification exist. Check out.

IT Certification Considerations
After taking courses in the IT area at training centers authorized by the big companies that hold the technology, professionals can take certification exams at institutes such as Person Vue, Furukawa Electric and EC-Council, through authorized partners, such as SoftSell.

After obtaining certification in the technologies they specialize in, professionals considerably increase their chances of being hired by major market players. Certifications can follow levels of proficiency such as, from Associate to Master.

Existing IT certifications
The IT area has numerous certifications, we list some that can be obtained through SoftSell training:

Pearson Vue
Pearson Vue is one of the largest certification institutions in the world. In it, certificates can be extracted from various areas, one of the main ones being IT certifications. Examinations from manufacturers such as Check Point, Cisco, CompTIA, Fortinet, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, and many others can be done. On this website you will find a list from A to Z of all certifications offered by the institute.

SoftSell is an application partner for Pearson Vue tests. Just register on the company's platform, create a username and password, find the test you want to take, schedule the exam and pay directly to the company.

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Let’s take a deeper seem to be at the 15 freshest IT abilities and job roles that employers are searching for when hiring for their organization.

1. Network Management

Network administration and administrative roles have modified notably in the closing ten years or so. Not too lengthy ago, networking dealt in the main with IT configuration, working structures and hardware. Now with the upward thrust of cloud, SaaS, automation, cell networks, streaming video, security, and disturbing net functions – the job duties and information necessities of a normal community expert have come to be extra extensive and complicated than ever before. Now, a community admin should no longer solely recognize how to manipulate and keep the neighborhood network, configure tools and lay cable, however he or she need to additionally deal with digital environments, cloud provisioning, or even once in a while writing code.

While the day-to-day job may additionally have changed, the critical reasoning for hiring equipped networking humans hasn’t. No agency can hazard infrastructure failure, and IT nevertheless closely depends on reliable networking groups to maintain things running.

2. Applications Development
The bread and butter of any enterprise with a vested activity in bringing new software program structures or options to the market; true app builders are very a whole lot in demand at the moment. Whether it’s for enterprise, consumer, cloud, wearables, mobile, or common on-premise, there has by no means been greater avenues for a succesful app developer to be profitable in the job market.
Mobile improvement is the warm commodity proper now. According to Robert Half Technology, greater than 70% of companies are imposing some variety of cellular strategy, and they all want tech gurus who can get the job done. Furthermore, CNN Money listed Mobile App Developer as the wide variety one occupation on their Best Jobs in America list. With so a good deal demand in this space, now is the exceptional time to begin sharpening up these coding skills.

3. DevOps
The recognition of DevOps and its cultural affects on the agency continues to develop as development will become extra agile and collaborative. Hiring managers will be in want of human beings to act as a liaison between govt administration and IT; making sure that carrier transport is met whilst preserving the typical fitness of the organization. The DevOps Manager should be deeply acquainted with matters like the organization’s core infrastructure, technique framework, server facet maintenance, gadget configurations and more.
In addition to technical expertise, the DevOps supervisor need to be a champion of communications, as it’s their accountability to preserve the ebb and go with the flow of collaboration throughout departments. Employers will sincerely be searching for jack of all trades kind human beings to spearhead their DevOps initiatives.

4. Database Administration
Database administration is nevertheless very a whole lot in demand as digital corporations regularly stay or die primarily based on their consumer data, and how that information is stored, maintained and recovered. Despite the idea that the cloud should kill off the basic DBA career, the widely wide-spread consensus amongst the neighborhood is that this virtually isn’t a fact at the moment. The Database Administrator function is one that, like the community admin, has developed into a hybrid between normal on-site database administration (backup and recovery, patching, upgrades, security, etc.) and cloud automation to seriously change the job for the contemporary IT environment.
While it’s real that some companies are transferring away from SQL and toward built-in cloud services, the DBA is one that many businesses nonetheless closely rely on.

5. Compliance Management
While this position is now not as large and adaptable as some of the others on this list, managing and keeping compliance is nonetheless closely wished in many IT organizations. This is specially genuine for these that are related with healthcare, finance and authorities services. This man or woman have to be quite regimented, thorough, and technically-minded when it comes to perception all the intricacies that are related to compliance policies such as SOX, HIPAA and others.

Many CIOs and hiring managers will seem to be to any one with a sharp thinking that can proactively comb technical files and workflows and factor out compliance problems or misalignments earlier than they happen. And as lengthy as IT continues to serve enterprise segments related with excessive chance and touchy data, these roles will be a whole lot wished in the organization.

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solutions architect job description

Ought to have at any rate 8 to 12 years of involvement as a .Net/Java Architect. Ought to have architected at any rate 4-5 items as an answer modeler.

Liable for planning cloud-based application and administrations.

Should work intimately with business experts, specialized and test prompts comprehend business prerequisites unmistakably and give innovation direction to change over necessities into serviceable arrangements utilizing demonstrated advancements and practices.

Ought to have sound information in planning cloud put together arrangements with respect to Azure/AWS utilizing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models.

Ought to have demonstrated history of architecting applications with configuration designs and actualizing arrangements with demonstrated practices from prerequisites till conveyance on Microsoft .net or Java advancements.

Great comprehension of cloud engineering standards and configuration designs.

Sound information on Microservices-based engineering and have the option to settle on right plan choices to enhance cloud/on-premise foundation and asset cost.

Ought to have the option to pick right arrangement of advancements, characterize fitting non-practical necessities fulfilling business desires.

Ought to have great involvement with working Agile-based climate, lead specialized and plan choices to encourage on-time fruition of runs.

Ought to have inside and out information in planning/architecting Highly accessible and Scalable frameworks on Cloud and on-Premise.

Great information on application, information base, working framework and cloud security rehearses are required.

Ought to have sound information on DevOps, CI and CD measure.

Ought to approve arrangements against necessities and guarantee non-useful prerequisites are met.

Ought to have taken a shot at building Disaster Recovery systems and have the option to manage group during advancement. Ought to have incredible presentation to building Development/Deployment conditions with DR methodologies.

Ought to associate with business and propose arising advancements to meet key business destinations.
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An answer modeler works at the vital level. Accordingly, his work impacts numerous parts of business activity. This extent of work requires a specific arrangement of abilities that can make the cycle proficient and beneficial.

We should take a gander at key aptitudes needed for the situation of arrangement engineer:

1. Specialized foundation and involvement with improvement.

2. Capacity to counsel the executives and designing groups with specialized guidance. Specifically with respect to:

Business investigation;

what does a solution architect do

IT engineering, framework, cloud improvement;

Designing, programming engineering plan, DevOps;

3. Relational abilities. Essentially, the extension is depicted by action words "tune in, exhort, identify". The correspondence includes:

Deciphering and comparing to the necessities of every included gathering, clarifying related dangers;

Staying in contact with partners;

Dealing with item conveyance

Intently interfacing with improvement groups, related undertaking/programming modelers, business examiners, and so forth;

4. Profound logical aptitudes and the capacity to see the associations between layers of business tasks.

Tending to the necessities of the corporate technique.

Understanding the points of interest of the innovation.

Seeing how various pieces of the business activity are associated with one another and how business measures accomplish their objectives.

5. Task and asset the board aptitudes

Representing cutoff times and utilization of given assets;

Characterizing which arrangements are valuable and which are wasteful for a specific business need.

Seeing how to accomplish such arrangements and objectives as indicated by their given time periods and accessible assets.

Confirmations include:

AWS Certified Solution Architect

Axelos ITIL Master affirmation

CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSIP-ISSAP)

Dell EMC Proven Professional Cloud planner preparing and accreditation

EC Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)

Google Professional Cloud Architect

Proficient Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

Red Hat Certified Architect

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)

The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification

The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA)

Virtualization Council Master Infrastructure Architect affirmation
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